Retevis RT 22

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Extreme Ultra-thin

Radio thickness is only 0.84 inch (2.14 cm). it is almost the hulf of RT8 radio. RT22 is smaller than H777 radio. if you don't like the big radios like brick, this small and beautiful RT22 maybe the best choice for you.

Military Quality

RETEVIS RT22, High quality precision circuit design. Shell quite satisfactory workmanship, material good, matte surface can significantly be felt in the hands.

Professional Battery

RETEVIS RT22, 1000mAh Li-ion Battery, DC 3.7V. longtime stanby, even 180 hours. it is the best choice for enthusiasts who always driving out. The battery is easy to disassemble. it is convenience for you to change batteries. This radio support USB interface charging, efficient and much faster.

Short Antenna

RETEVIS RT22, equipped with strong signal short antenna, It is the shortest antenna among all the retevis radios. Superb performance and penetration. Although short antenna, efficient receive signals, also can reach long talking range.

Small & Beautiful

RETEVIS RT22, simple and elegant design, which makes it easy to carry, also easily to be put in your pocket or bag. RT22 has belt clip, which makes the radio can be add to your arms or trouse. Because of its simple and elegant design, long time standby and long talking range, which makes it suitable for all kinds of people, especially for the enthusiasts.